how to teach your children about jesusI am so blessed and thankful for being raised in a Christian home and for my loving parents who taught me about Jesus and the importance of living a Christian Life. Growing up in a Christian home is where the foundation for Christian Values was set, my parents were not one of those super strict Christian folks, they were always understanding, kind and patient.

I grew up in a small village and in the evenings our city would power off all the electricity for a few hours to save money. Those nights I remember very vividly, it was my favorite time of the night, because that is when mom would light candles through the house and my dad would take out his Bible and me my own children’s bible and every night he would tell us kids stories from the bible. My dad had this gift when he would talk about the bible all the characters seemed to come alive, and you can just see the love for Jesus in his heart. When he finished telling me a certain Bible story, I kept asking and crying for more and more.

Having my own children I knew one day will be my turn to introduce them to Jesus and teach them all about Gods Love for us. Time flies so fast, now I am blessed with a 4-year-old boy and 6-year-old daughter, a boy and girl how lucky am I? So I started thinking to myself, How did my parents teach about God? Did they wait until we turned a specific age? Children have so many questions, how will I be able to answer them properly?

1. to teach your children about Jesus

Start by reading Children’s Bible that is age appropriate for your child. My kids love when I read books to them, especially books with pictures. Reading the Bible with my kids not only allows me to spend quality time with my kids but also bond with them on another level, and It gives me an opportunity to talk about Jesus. You don’t necessarily have to read the bible all the time, try reading other Christian Based Children’s Books(I have a few recommendations below.)Start reading to them young, trust me I had my moments where I thought my kids probably have no clue what I am reading to them. But after a few days go by, my daughter would bring me the bible and point out to a character in the bible and say look there’s “Joseph”. So start reading and talking to them as early as you can.
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2. Pray.

Start first with praying alone to God, so that He can give you wisdom how to raise your kids in a Godly loving way. Teach your children how to pray and establish a prayer routine. Start your day with praying together, say grace before each meal, and of course, end your day with a prayer. My daughter would ask me how do I pray I do not know how? So I would tell her “Just speak to Jesus as if you were speaking to a friend. Tell Him what’s on your heart, and if you have anything you need help with ask and even though you can’t see Jesus, He is in heaven and HE  can see you and hear your prayer. And one day you will see Him too”. Remind her that Jesus is your friend and loves her very much, and He loves when children pray to Him. At first, my kids would repeat my prayer, then eventually over time they would start praying in their own words.

Also have spontaneous prayers through the day, for example when I am driving with my kids and we see a car accident or hear a prayer request on the radio. I would start praying out loud and ask my kids to join. Teach your kids that they don’t necessarily have to wait until bedtime to pray.

3. Lead By Example

If you want your children to know and love Jesus, you need to have a personal relationship with Jesus and be the example for your kids. Let your children see the fruits of the spirit in you.

We are role models for our children, and if we live by being a good example they will want to be more like us, more Christ Like. Apologize often, be kind, show your kids how much you love them and be patient.

4. Talk about Jesus.

Talk about Jesus often with your kids. I bring up Jesus every chance I get, for example, if my kids misbehave, I will tell them Jesus doesn’t like when you act this way. Or when we are outside I remind them that God created the earth, sky, and all the trees, and us human beings. The more we talk about Jesus the more questions and conversations we have and the more their faith grows. Relate everyday events to Jesus and help your children to understand that Jesus is with us all the time.

Teach your kids that Jesus is Gods Son

  •  Jesus can do anything.
  • He always keeps His promises.
  • God gives us rules that we have to obey.
  • When Mom or Dad is not around and can’t see what you are doing. Jesus can see it.
  • Jesus loves us and discipline us.


Instead of having your kids watch cartoons, turn on Christian based movies and cartoons like Veggietales or The Beginners Bible on YouTube. I grew up watching Superbook but the old version on VHS, growing up we did not have a TV but my cousins did, and I loved visiting them because they would turn on Superbook for me and I just loved watching those christian bible story cartoons after reading about them in the bible.

6. Get Involved In Church

Last summer I volunteered as one of the helpers for Kids Camp at Church. I took my daughter with me, and it was such an awesome experience, she keeps asking me how long till Kids Camp. Our church rented this campsite in the woods, and all the kids loved it, despite not having access to wifi. We were there for four days and time seemed to stay still, I loved that we were kind of disconnected from the outside world. Just time away with the Lord. When we were driving home, my 5-year-old daughter at that time, told me “Mommy that camp was all about Jesus, huh?” Even she understood what the purpose was for this kids camp, yes it was filled with so many fun activities we planned for the kids, but the main purpose was to teach our kids about Jesus and Be the Light of the World. Don’t just attend church, but also get yourself and your kids involved in church events, it’s so important to give your kids as much exposure to Jesus as possible.

7.Display artwork and Bible verses.

Decorate your home with your favorite Christian Wall Decor and Frame your favorite Bible Versed. Displaying your favorite bible verses in your home is a great reminder of what your principles are. Help your kids to memorize a certain bible verse, once they memorized it frame it and hang it up on the wall in their room. Displaying Bible verses can be very inspirational especially if you are feeling down, and also a great reminder of how much Jesus Loves Us.

Most importantly make Jesus the center of your life, talk about Jesus in your everyday Conversations. Pray that God gives you the wisdom to raise Godly children, Show your children how the Bible relates to them. The more I started to bring up Jesus to my kids, the more they want to know about Him and even correct me. Start teaching your child about Jesus at an early age.

Ps if you are looking for some great Christian Parenting Books to read, I recommend giving one of the books below a try.

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how to introduce jesus to your kids
teaching kids about Jesus