10 companies that hire work from home transcription jobs. If you are a stay at home mom looking to earn extra money these transcription jobs are perfect for beginners. #workfromhome #stayathomemoms #mompaneur #girlboss #extraincome #sidehustle #transcibe

When I begin my quest for legitimate working from home jobs, transcription jobs kept popping up. What is a transcriptionist you ask, well basically you would be listening to audio files and typing what you hear into a text onto a software program. I had a friend who worked at a clinic and she was a medical transcriber so I knew there was a demand for transcribers. I remember thinking how awesome it would be to type from the comfort of your own home and get paid to do what you love, writing.  If you are a beginner writer and looking for legitimate transcription jobs from home, I have compiled a list of transcription companies that are always hiring for transcription work.

  1. Rev.com is a popular company that hires transcriptionists from home, they state on their website that an average person earns $245 a month and top transcribers earn $1495 a month. When you apply you have to complete a grammar and speed test and submit your application for review. After you get approved you will work as a freelancer on your own time but you have to be quick, and they pay you via PayPal.
  2. Transcribeme.com they hire transcribers from around the world, all you need is just your computer with Google Chrome and reliable internet. They pay $15 per audio hour, and they pay via Paypal.
  3. Gotranscript.com pays their transcribers up to $0.60 per audio or video minute which averages up to $150 per month, and top monthly earners can make up to $1215. They also hire worldwide.
  4. NetTranscripts is a transcription service to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies. To find current open transcription positions, click on the Careers section on the top right corner and search all jobs, they are hiring right now for a general transcription. You must type 80+wpm, and have excellent grammar and proofreading skills.
  5. Lionbridge often hires a transcriptionist to work from home, if they are not hiring for transcriptionist they usually are always hiring for other work from home jobs, like social media evaluators or mobile researchers.
  6. Scribie is another popular company that hires remote transcriptionists. On their website, they state that they pay $5-$20 per audio hour and they pay monthly bonuses. They mostly do general transcription, you will be transcribing files that are 6 minutes or shorter.
  7. Daily Transcription they state that they pay higher than their competitors, $0.75-$0.85 per audio minute. Top transcriptionist makes anywhere from $250-$950 per week. You need to have typing skills of 50wpm, excellent listening skills and ability to meet strict deadlines.
  8. Quickrate hires transcriptionists to transcribe voicemail messages, memos, letters, legal files, medical files, and recording of phone calls. They do require you to pay $20 for a background check.
  9. Atlanticare Regional Medical Center hires often for work from home Transcriptionist, right now they have a position for a surgical center transcriptionist. They prefer you to know medical terminology and good command of English.
  10. Wordzx is more if you have at least a year of Transcription Experience, they are a bit stricter than other companies, they are more reputable for providing the highest quality transcription service to medical, legal, corporate and insurance sectors.

While I do believe you can make extra cash on the side while working as a transcriptionist, it’s a great way to get you in the door to the online working from home world, especially if you are a beginner writer. Transcription work will not supplement your income its more of a side hustle, but it does, of course, has its advantages, like working on your own schedule and the ability to work at home.

But if you are serious about making money online and being your own boss, my biggest advice would be to Start A Blog, it has been one of the best decisions I made in my life. If you are going to spend your time and hard work just so someone else can profit from you, why not spend all the knowledge and energy you have into your own business. Blogging gives you freedom and so many amazing opportunities to make money from home. If you are seriously thinking of Starting Your Own Blog I am here to help you, check out my Simple Blogging Tutorial I explain step by step how to start a blog for a beginner. Thank you so much for visiting, I hope that you will find a career that best suits your lifestyle, if you have any question please feel free to comment or email me.