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Gift Ideas For Christian Women

gift ideas for christian women

I love giving gifts and showing those around me how much they mean to me, and I am a little guilty of how much time I spend trying to find the perfect gift. Gifting brings me joy and a great way to show how much appreciation I have for the people in my life. If […]

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How To Overcome Fear

06Living in fear is a terrible way to live. All of us have our own battles and reasons behind living a fearful life. I’ve been there, I know the struggle and what it’s like to live in fear. What is Fear? Fear is different for everyone, it’s an unpleasant emotion or feeling believing that something […]

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Relationship Over Religion

Jesus wants a personal relationship with you over religion. My testimony of faith in Christ . Build a relationship with god,religion sets rules but Jesus sets you free.

I am so blessed to be raised in a God-loving Christian Family and attending church regularly. I grew up in a small town in Ukraine and moved to the United States almost 20 years ago. Growing up in Ukraine, Christianity was not very popular, the majority of the people were either Catholics or Orthodox. So […]

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how to teach your children about jesus

I am so blessed and thankful for being raised in a Christian home and for my loving parents who taught me about Jesus and the importance of living a Christian Life. Growing up in a Christian home is where the foundation for Christian Values was set, my parents were not one of those super strict Christian folks, […]

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