If you recently started your blogging journey or looking to start a blog. Here are some helpful resources I wish I knew before I started blogging and services that I use to run my blog.

1.The first thing that you will need is a hosting provider, hosting allows you to have your website online. A hosting service is like a home where your website lives. I currently use Siteground and right now you can sign up for as little as $2.99 a month.

2.Next you will need a theme, you can choose a free theme like GeneratePress its a lightweight theme that focuses on speed which plays a huge role in seo, or if you are looking for a beautiful feminine  theme I use a theme from  Bluechic

3. Keyword Research Tool – Keyword research is probably one of the most important aspects when it comes to blogging especially if you want organic traffic. And I wish I knew this sooner, you can write amazing blog posts  but if people are not searching for it then you will unfortunately hear crickets. I recently discovered amazing keyword research tool RankIQ its specifically designed for bloggers and it makes my life so much easier. Keyword research is so time consuming and RankIQ has a keyword library so you know exactly what people are searching. One of my favorite tools in RankIQ is the Content Optimizer, it gives you the exact words to write in your blog post and how many words to write so that google will rank you. RankIQ is a breakthrough in a blogging and helps you write and publish your content so much faster. 

4. Blogging Courses

If you want to succeed in blogging you will have to go thru a lot of learning, there are many free resources out there, but one thing I learned along my blogging journey is that you have to treat your blog as a  business and in business you have to invest first to succeed. Trust me I do not like spending money on blogging, and for the longest time I used all the free resources I can find but when I finally caved in and bought one of my first blogging courses and I was amazed how little I knew about blogging. 

Pinterest Strategies – Traffic is something that we all want, while traffic from google takes time (google needs to trust your site, and seo takes time) Pinterest is still amazing for bringing me traffic and this is one of the first Blogging Courses I took that is still relevant  today in 2022. 

5.Beyond Pinterest Mastermind Subscription  – This is a Facebook subscription group run by Carly Campbell, as a blogger it can feel so overwhelming and lonely. This Facebook group has been so helpful, it is jam-packed with so many resources,  you can connect with other bloggers, ask questions, and Carly has so many connections and often does live training with expert bloggers to help you grow and succeed as a blogger. As a subscriber you will also receive monthly Pinterest templates, (thats just the icing on top).

6. Finally I have some good news, if you have at least 10k visits per month you can apply to Ezoic its an ad network  (i’ts one of the best ad networks for beginner bloggers) and you can start earning money from your blog.

Blogging takes time, you need a lot of patience and constantly learning. But it can be so rewarding especially once you start earning income. 

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