Are you tired of overpaying for your cell phone bill? Are you fed up with throwing your hard-earned money towards bills every month? A little budgeting can go along way and allow you to live the life you deserve.

Here are my top 5 ways to save monthly on Cell Phone Bill.

1. Use your Employment Discount.
Most jobs offer different types of discounts, including a cell phone discount. Typically the discount offers a 10%-20% discount off your total cell phone bill. If your current cell phone carrier is not covered by your Employment Discount, don’t worry you can bargain with your current phone carrier and ask them to price match the discount. If that doesn’t work then consider switching cell phone company that is available for a discount through your employer. Also if you are a student check with your college, you should also qualify for different types of discounts including a discount towards your phone bill with your Student ID.

2. Downgrade your Plan.
Take a moment and review your monthly statement bill, are you using all the services and features that you pay for? Do you really need unlimited data? If you’re already paying for WiFi at home, then certainly you can skip the internet coverage on your cell phone bill. Besides most places nowadays offer free wife, or consider investing in a hotspot device for those places without WiFi.

3. Switch to a Prepaid Plan.
This one is the BEST option for saving you HUNDREDS monthly on a cell phone bill. You can pay as little as $15 a month for unlimited minutes and messaging with 2GB of full-speed data. I would recommend looking into prepaid plans like MINTMOBILE, TELLO or REPUBLICWIRELESS .

4. Don’t Pay for Insurance.
Do not feel pressured to pay for phone insurance, most cell phone manufacturing companies have their own Warranty. And insurances are tricky, they want you to pay monthly for insurance coverage and when you submit a claim you still have to pay a deductible. Save that money towards something more important.

5. Threaten to Leave.
Do not be afraid to ask your cell phone carrier to lower your monthly payment. It’s competitive out there, and if you are a loyal customer than you have the right to ask for a discount. Do not give up, if you get denied ask to speak to management and plead your story, most of the time they will agree to take off at least $10 a month and that is better than nothing.

Be wise with your hard-earned money and enjoy the freedom you deserve.