Choosing a name for your child is exciting but it can be intimidation, after all, you are taking a part in your child’s identity(no pressure here).

Things To Think About Before Choosing Your Childs Name.

  • Name Popularity – If you choose a name that is “Very Popular” there’s a chance your child may end up in a class or social circle with three other kids with the same name.
  • It’s important that both you and your husband agree on the same name.
  • Spelling and Pronunciation – Say the name out loud, how does it sound? Make sure the name has a rhythm and think about spelling so its not too difficult for your child.
  • Think about nicknames – research potential nicknames that fit nicely with the name, something short and sweet.
  • Name Meaning – It might be important for you to choose a name with a special meaning and significance.

I know that it can be difficult to choose a name for your baby girl, especially with all the resources available. My advice is don’t overthink it, go with your gut, especially if a certain name keeps standing out to you.

If you are looking for name inspiration, here’s a list of beautiful and unique baby girl names.

1. Anela

2. Athena

3. Azalea

4. Anelle


6. Arriana

7. Arnette

8. Avery

9. Amelia

10. Allie

10. Brielle

11. Bella

12. Blissa

13. Celeste



16. Camille

17. Claire

18. Daisy

19. Elise

20. Esmee

21. Elle

22. Essie

23. Eloise

24. Elata



27. Faith

28. Feliz




32. Janet

33. Janella


35. Katia

36. Libby


38. Leah

39. Liliana

40. Lina

41. Maddie


43. Maya

44. Milana

45. Nela

46. Stella


48. Sara



Picking out a name for your baby is one of the first gifts you will give to your child. In the end, what matters the most if you love the name and a name you will enjoy calling your child.

What was your favorite name? Comment Below I would love to know!


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