As a parent, we all want to see our children happy, healthy and have a successful bright future. Raising children is a huge responsibility, after all, we are raising future generations. 

When I first became a mom, I’m not going to sugar code it, it was thought. Taking care of a newborn for the first time and all those sleepless nights. I couldn’t wait until my babies could sleep thru the night and I thought just a little bit longer and things will get easier. But I quickly learned that every stage has its own challenges. And perhaps discipling and raising happy, strong-willed children is the hardest of them all. 

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So how do you raise nice successful kids?

1. Teach your children good morals. 

Raising successful kids means we have to teach them what’s right and wrong. Teaching good values and morals takes time, patience, and experiences. Yes, you can start by setting basic common rules, but don’t just leave it there, Make sure you explain the reason behind the rules and why it’s important they follow them. Have discussions about how they feel in certain situations, and have them express how they feel when for example another sibling steals their favorite toy. 

Also, our children observe how we talk, act, and handle certain situations. It’s so important to be good role models for our children and live what we teach, as children tend to behave like us. 

2. Teach them Responsibility.

A big part of raising successful kids is as parents we need to teach our kids the importance of responsibility. Being responsible teaches your child accountability, work ethic, independence, and that there are consequences for their actions.

Start by teaching them young, and it’s easier said than done, especially when you are busy and at that moment your child needs help with a task. For example, if your child needs help with tying their shoes, and you’re in the middle of cooking dinner,  don’t just quickly tie it for them, but take the opportunity and show them how it’s done and let them practice tying their shoes. Raising responsible kids also promotes trust and can develop confidence in your child. Responsibility will not only help your child but also benefit those around them in the future. 

3. Show them Unconditional Love and Affection. 

Love is such a powerful emotion and plays a big role in mental being. When we show and tell our kids on a daily basis that we love them, it builds self-esteem, reassurance, and makes them feel secure. According to  This Study babies who received above-average affection from their mothers are less likely to grow up anxious and distressed. 

Yes saying those three little words (” I love you”) is important, but actions speak louder than words. Spend quality time with your kids, give them your undivided attention, listen to them, and acknowledge that you understand their views and opinions. It’s so important for your child’s happiness and success that your child grows up knowing they are loved and wanted. 


4. Be a Predictable and Stable Parent. 

Your children need to see and know that you are a consistent and stable parent. Kids flourish when there is a  structure and daily routine. Your child needs to know that you are a parent of your word, and rules don’t change. If your child doesn’t pick up their toys like you tell them and doesn’t get in trouble then they will expect the same thing tomorrow. Your child needs to know that you are a parent of your word, and having a structure will help them function and be less anxious in the future. 

5. Teach them that it’s Ok to Fail.

Kids need to know that its Ok to fail and reassure them that they are not alone, everyone at some point fails too. Maybe tell them a story from your life how you failed, and how it made you feel and what you learned from it. Failure teaches our kids how to handle challenges and they learn from their mistakes. 

6. Teach them to Treat Others How They Want To Be Treated. 

This is a huge one, and I’m so glad that my parents engraved this to me from a young age. I feel like (no I know) that this played a major role in shaping who I am today.  It’s so simple but so effective, treat and talk to people how you would want to be treated. 

Give Respect, Get Respect” -Annonymous

Recently driving back home, my kids were arguing on the back seat and my daughter said some mean things to her brother. And I had to step in and tell her that that wasn’t very nice of her, and I reminded her how she felt when kids at school weren’t that nice to her too. And I told her “See you want kids at school to treat you nice, but you’re not being nice yourself.” And I could tell she felt bad and she apologized. Take little moments like that and turn in into a lesson. I know that not everyone will return the favor back, but the majority of the people will. 

7. Teach Them Social Skills.

Teaching basic Social Skills is so important and also helps to build friendships and relationships. Children need to know that Social Skills help us live and work in peace with others. Some good social kids to teach your kids:

  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Respect
  • Manners
  • Being Kind
  • Problem Solving
  • Waiting for your turn
  • Following directions
  • Listening To Others

8. Be A Role Model

I know I mentioned this before but I believe this is the most important of them all if you want to raise successful kids. Kids watch us like a hawk. They pay attention to everything, yes everything. So many times we don’t notice, but they pay attention to the smallest little details and they remember it too. 

You need to be an example for your kids, they look up to you and they will quickly pick up after you. I noticed that my daughter especially when she’s angry, she starts yelling. And I thought to myself why is she yelling all the time, and it hit me, that when I feel overwhelmed I tend to talk in a louder voice. And actually my kids help me see and fix those little imperfect areas, like yelling when I’m upset. I don’t want to raise a bunch of kids who scream and yell at each other. And this actually helps me work on myself when they do misbehave and don’t listen, yes sometimes I want to yell. But I stop myself and instead of yelling I gather them and have a conversation with them why they’re not behaving. Communicating with your kids is such a bid deal, many of the times they just need to be heard and feel that their feelings matter. 

You play an important role in your child’s development and helping them become the person they are meant to be. Give yourself and your children grace, patience, and most importantly LOVE. 

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