Recovering from c section was one of the hardest times in my life. Its been almost two  years since my  first c section surgery and I wanted to share some tips that I learned  to help you recover faster and what helped me with my c section recovery. Its  so  important  to  be  prepared  and  know  what  to  expect  afterwards.  recovering from c section tips, how to recover from c section faster.

1. Be Prepared.

I knew that recovering from C-section wasn’t going to be easy, I knew that I will have some pain as expected with every surgery. But oh boy, I did not know it was going to be so bad. I woke up in pain and the meds did not seem to work. Don’t expect to be pain-free if you take pain medication, they will help but the pain won’t completely go away.

I wasn’t able to make any kind of movement that requires you to use your abdominal muscles. And if you think about it, we use abdominal muscles for almost everything. That was one of the hardest parts of recovering. I could not sit up in bed, or even turn to the other side without the help of my husband and nurses.

Walking will not be easy, so accept help and take it slow. C section is major surgery and shouldn’t be taken lightly, and the recovery isn’t easy but trust me with time it gets better.

2. Start Moving as soon as you can.

I wish I pushed myself and started walking the same day I had my surgery, but I was in too much pain so the doctor let me rest and I waited until the next day to walk. A few hours after my surgery I was experiencing gas pains, and the pain was excruciating and it only got worse. The pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep at night, and the pain meds did not help at all. Walking and any kind of movement get the bowels working again and helps to ease those sharp gas pains. The next day I felt much better after I moved around, the more I walked the fewer gain pains I had.

3. Rest.

I know I just said how you need to start moving and now I’m saying rest. But its important not to overdo it to also, let your body recover. Your muscles and uterus need time to heal especially the first few days. I do recommend gentle walking, but don’t overdo it, take it easy. Rest is very crucial for recovery, it helps your body heal. You will most likely feel very weak after surgery, so trust me to take naps whenever you can. Sleep helps your body regenerate and heal faster.

4. Don’t skip pain meds.

I know everyone has different pain tolerance, I usually don’t like taking strong pain medication, but myomectomy is very painful and without the pain meds I was just miserable. Don’t skip a dose, it takes time for the pain meds to kick in, so don’t wait until your pain. Unfortunately, pain meds can cause constipation, make sure you also take Gas X and Stool Softener they will help you feel more comfortable.

5. Pillows will be your best friend.

Hold a small pillow against your stomach if you need to sneeze, cough or laugh. Also, prop as many pillows as you can in bed to help you sleep and get out of bed.

6. Getting out of bed will be difficult, especially when your home without the guard rail like the hospital bed. Try rolling on your side and use your elbows and hands to push yourself up.

7. Take daily showers.

You will feel like a new person (well almost) after a fresh shower. Showering helps you relax and loosen up, and you will feel so much better. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

8. Accept all the help you can get.

My husband took two weeks off to take care of me, and I don’t know how I would have survived without him. The first two days I was not able to move at all without his help, and I am so blessed to have my family close by. In the beginning, little things that you take for granted like standing up is very painful, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.

10. It’s Ok to Cry.

C-section is major abdominal surgery and it’s very emotional, you will most likely feel weak and not to mention in pain. Crying acknowledges the feelings and emotions you’re experiencing, it’s ok to let it out and it could even help you relieve stress.

11. Eat a well-balanced diet and drink lots of water.

Eating a good healthy diet helps to heal the stomach wall and the uterus. Nutrition plays a major role when recovering from a C Section. Bone broth is amazing for speeding up the recovery time, it’s packed with gelatin and amino acids which help with collagen production and wound healing.

12. Take it easy.

Don’t compare your self to others, and when you start feeling better remember to take it easy. I remember 3 weeks after my surgery I felt much better and took a very brisk walk, and later that evening I started to feel very sore and had lots of pain around my incision. Just because your feeling better does not mean that you completely healed and you don’t want to slow down the healing process.

Timing is everything, and at first, you might feel very discouraged but trust me on this one. It does get better, and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. The first week is the hardest and after that, you will start feeling more like yourself. It’s important to mentally prepare yourself that it’s not going to be easy, celebrate small victories and hang in there mamma our bodies are amazing you will get through this.


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