How would you like get paid for testing websites from the comfort of you own home?

If you are like me, I was always a little skeptical  about working from home and actually

getting paid, until I did   my own research. And there are so many great opportunities  to

make extra income on the side , all you need is internet and a laptop.

User Testing was one of the first websites that I actually got paid for and I wanted to

share this awesome site and help someone make some extra cash on the side.So first

thing you would do is  of course go on their website and

click on get paid to test link and sign up to become a website tester. Once you sign up,

you will need to complete a screen test to see if you get accepted . You will need to

download a screen recorded(which you do not have to pay for) and make sure your

microphone is working property. The screen recorder app that you downloaded will be

recording your screen and your voice and your comments, so be very specific when you

speak and just say your honest opinion regarding the website you are reviewing.  It took

a couple days for them review my test and reply to me, once I got accepted I was able to

start accepting tests and getting paid.

How do you get paid??

You will be testing  and reviewing websites and apps for different companies, they want

to know your opinion about their website how its working and if they need any

improvement. Some tests require you to use your laptop/desktop and others you can test

using your phone or tablet. Also you will not get approved for each test, companies look

for certain demographics, but there are many opportunities that fluctuates day to day.

Once you get approved for a test and are ready to record, just provide honest feedback

and speak clearly as you will be rated and the better the rating the more test you will get.

Each test takes about 15-45 minutes it depends on the test, you will have a few follow up

questions and you can complete the test. You will get paid $10-$15 per test and get paid

via paypal, if you are able to complete several tests a day you can make some decent

money on the side.