This website is another wonderful site similar to the usertesting.

Basically you will be testing and reviewing other websites or apps before they are published to the public, or need improvement.

Like the usertesting website you will need to apply and submit a review of a website provided to you, then once you get approved to become their website tester you can start earning money from

your home. Now this website does look for specific type of demographics, but the good news is that once you create your account and complete your profile and demographic background,

you will receive an email as soon as there a test available that matches your demographic.

You will be paid by paypal and you will need to register for trymyui with the same email that is linked to your paypal account.

This is of course not a full time job, but you can definitely make a few extra bucks on the side in your spare time.

I would highly suggest that you guys check them out, link provided down bellow.