I was planning a trip to Florida with my family and was looking of course for the best cheapest vacation package. And I just wanted to share some of my tips and tricks to finding the best vacation deals. I surfed the web and there are of course so many articles out there, but I discovered even better deals myself.

Favorite websites to book a vacation.

I recommend using websites like Hotwire, Expedia, and Travelocity, those were my top 3 websites with the best deals. I did compare them to other websites like Priceline and Bookit, and they had same vacation packages as for example Hotwire, but more expensive for exact same package.

Time and Day Matters

Too my surprise the day of the week and time of day played a major role in prices. For example Friday and Saturday were the most expensive days and usually during weekdays prices would go down. I actually found the best cheapest vacation package which included flight hotel and car at Sunday night and even best deals if you wait until like 2am Monday morning. Also if it is a holiday for example like Mothers day when people are busy and not surfing the web I noticed that the flights were a lot more cheaper. I actually set up an alarm one day to get up in the middle of the night out of curiosity just to see what the prices were for a vacation deal and sure enough they were a lot cheaper than in the day time.

Other Ways to Save

Also If you want cheaper flights and vacation deals these are some of my recommendations:

1. Bundle and get a hotel and car all together instead of ordering them separately.
2. Sign up to receive personalized deals in your email.
3.Be Flexible with time and date.
4.Book at least a Month in advance.
5.Clear your browsing cookies history.
6. Use Price Matching Policy.
7.I also recommend using cashback sites like Ebates and TopCashback.
8.If you already booked your package watch it for the next 24 hours and if the package becomes cheaper,most vacation websites will refund you the difference.
9.Check out last minute deals.
10.And last but not least when searching for a vacation package compare the price difference from airports that are near you, I actually found a cheaper flight from airport in a small town.

Thank you for stopping by and happy deal hunting.