If you are like me and have expensive taste but not so much the price tag that comes with that taste, then you have come to the right place. Designing on a budget is indeed achievable, do not be afraid to adventure out and turn your decor dreams into reality. Below are some of the ways to design your dream house without breaking the budget.

Trust me on this one, a fresh coat of new paint will do wonders to your space. When I finally convinced my husband to paint our dark beige walls it completely transformed our living room, not only did our living room look fresh and bright but also larger. I would suggest using light and airy neutral colors like grey’s (my personal favorite) or light beige, even plain old white color will make your space look clean and crisp.

If you have that brown dark trim at your home, paint it white or even better invest a little bit of money and buy new trim that is already painted white for you. I am not a big fan of brown short trim, brown trim makes the room look smaller and outdated. Something as simple as upgrading your trims will make your space look more elegant and much more enjoyable for you.

Get those creative juices inside your head flowing and bring that crafty Sue back alive. Use items and objects that you already have at home for decor, like for example, you can make a lamp out of a mason jar (just paint it with some acrylic paint) find an old lamp shade and add some wire and light bulb and who la you have a brand new lampshade that did not cost you $50. If you are looking for some inspo, Pinterest has some great DIY ideas.

Now let’s get to the fun part, “Furniture”!!! Is it time to say goodbye to that old stained raggedy couch? I think so. Do not let buying new furniture scare you, there are some great affordable furniture pieces out there that do not break the bank. Investing in a new sofa is very crucial when it comes to decorating your home, not only does it ties the room together but that is where you spend and make precious memories with your family. I will list some of my favorite sofa pieces down below and the best part about them is yes you guessed it, the price.

If you liked any of those sofas, feel free to click on any of those recommended sofas and we get a small affiliate commission your price is always the same. Thank you for your support!!!

I saved the best for last, adding crown molding to your room will add so much detail to your walls and transform your room into an elegant living space. Its the little details that matter and adding crown molding will make your home look rich and sophisticated.