If you are looking to increase blog traffic, one of the best social media platforms you can promote your blog on is by joining Facebook Groups.

Are you looking for ways to increase your blog traffic? Facebook Groups are amazing for new bloggers to connect , learn and grow their blogging career. If you would like to know what are the best facebook groups to join I recommend my top engagement groups for bloggers to explode your traffic. #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #wordpress #girlboss #bloggingtips

What are Facebook Groups?

The purpose of a Facebook Group is to create a supportive community with certain people who have similar interests. Many people confuse Facebook Groups with Facebook Page, the difference is that a group focuses on a like-minded group of people to share their interests. For a long time, I was under impression that Facebook isn’t very useful for bloggers how it used to be. So I stayed away from Facebook.

But one day I noticed that I was getting traffic to my blog from Facebook, so I decided to give Facebook a change and created my own Page. I was so excited and kept waiting for that traffic to roll in… but after a few days sadly no one was seeing my Facebook Page. And so I started reading more about how to get traffic from Facebook and that’s when I found out about “Facebook Groups”.

Why you should Join Facebook Groups.

Discovering Facebook Groups I felt like I discovered a whole new side of the “blogging world”. The wonderful thing about bloggers is a supportive community. Before I joined Facebook Groups, I felt so alone trying to figure out this blogging thing on my own. I love Facebook Groups because I found other bloggers just like me supporting each other.

I’ve learned so much from Facebook Groups, as a member you can start interacting with others in the group and ask questions. Also, there are many engagement groups that have Promo Days where you have a chance of promoting your blog. For example, on Mondays, a certain Facebook Group has a Thread where you can Share A Link from your Blog and ask for people to either comment or share your blog post. And since you are participating in the thread, you can’t just drop your link and run. The moderator of the group has certain rules and if you don’t comply and participate you will get kicked out of that group. As you can see Facebook Groups can have a big impact on growing your blog and even increase blog traffic.

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers.

I will share my top high-quality Facebook Groups that I absolutely love.

1.Blogging Girls

This is my Facebook Group that is just created to help beginner bloggers grow and support one another. If you are looking specifically for a  Share Group I have a Weekly Schedule where you can Participate in Promo Days to promote your social media and your blog. I would love new members as its brand new board.

2.Blogging Newbs

Hosted by amazing Mckinzie Bean with over 25,000 members. Its a group of supportive bloggers and a great place to learn and share your blog during Promo Days.

3.Blogging Babes Collective

If you are a new blogger this group board is for you. Sasha Lassey is very dedicated to this group and does an amazing job of keeping her group Engaged. She also has daily promo days where you can participate and collaborate with other bloggers.

3.Becoming a Blogger

If you are in making money working from home then I would recommend this group for you. This group board also has daily social share threads to grow your blog.

4.Mom to Mompreneur

This group board is hosted by Elna Cain, she is very knowledgeable and one of my blogging inspirations. Although this group board does not offer Promo Days this group board is a great place if you are looking for blogger support.

5.By His Grace Bloggers

This is a Christian Based Blogging Group created to help women succeed in their blog ministry. Carmen Brown the Hostess created such warming and a supportive community. She also provides promo days for her members where you can participate.

6.Boss Girl Bloggers

This group board was one of the first ones I joined and helped me boost my traffic by participating in specific threads. A great engagement group to connect and grow your blog.

7.The Organized Blog Society

Designed for organized bloggers to learn and share their tips.

8.Bloggers Unite On Pinterest

This is Share Group for bloggers who are focusing on growing and boosting their Pinterest. This group offers daily share threads where you can promote your pins/account. Pinterest is huge when it comes to increasing your blog traffic, this group is very helpful.

9.Mom Bloggers Collective

Designed for mom bloggers to ask questions and grow their blog by participation if Daily Promo Threads. Perfect for those bloggers in the parenting niche.

10.Connect and Cultivate

I love Kayla from Ivory Mix (she sells beautiful feminine stock photos). This group has a lot of weekly sharing threads, helpful for new bloggers to get more eyes on their blog posts.

11. Blogging with Heart

A place for women to connect and grow their business. What I like about this group is that Each Day there are Two Threads available you can participate in.

12. Blogging Like We Mean It

How could I not mention this amazing group run by Carly from Mommyonpurpose. She is one of my favorite bloggers of all time, she provides so much valuable information and I love her live videos where I learn so much about Pinterest and blogging. Although this group board does not provide daily threads. Carly earns a full-time income from blogging and this group also has successful blogger members that often answer if you have questions. Trust me you want to join this group board.

13.Mom Bloggers on Pinterest Group

This is a share group for moms who need help with growing their traffic thru Pinterest.

Maximize Group Boards to your Advantage (My Tips)

Collaboration is one of the biggest tips I have when it comes to growing your blog. Promo days are wonderful for new bloggers, my biggest tip when participating in promo threads is not to just drop a link, but write a short description telling people why they should engage on your post. Also, you will see threads that require you to PIN ALL in the thread, meaning that if there are 40 comments in the thread you need to pin ALL 40 pins. That’s a lot of work and Pinterest doesn’t like that, and you want to stay true to your brand so if you will be pinning everything in the thread that’s not related to your blog you will just confuse Pinterest and won’t rank well.


If you haven’t joined a Facebook group I suggest that you do so quickly. As you can see Facebook groups are designed for bloggers to come together, connect and help each other grow.

Best facebook engagement groups for interaction posts. Join my engagement facebook group fir growth.